Thursday, July 3, 2008


So here's something a little bit different.

Thought I would give it a try, and it's all about me!

Eight things I really enjoy:

1) My family, I love my family and was very blessed to marry into another pretty awesome family!
2) Church
3) Food
4) Photography
5) Friends
6) Kids
7) Traveling
8) Reading

Eight things I would enjoy doing in my life-time:

1) Travel to Italy
2) Live in a foreign country
3) Take a trip while driving a motorcycle (I am in the learning stages and have only ridden on grass thus far)
4) Have children
5) Learn to play the piano better
6) Take a photography class
7) Build a house
8) Own a business

Eight things I repeat through out the day:

1) I love you!
2) Thanks, have a great day! (working with the public)
3) Do you know your account number?? (working at a bank)
4) Holy Crap! (this I must work on before having children)
5) Really?
6) Hey come look at this!
7) You stink!
8) What's for dinner?

Eight books I have spent a lot of time with lately:

1) Ensign (church Magazine)
2) Water for Elephants
3) Playing for Pizza
4) Banking manual (studying for test)
5) The choice
6) The wedding
7) Ellen Foster
8) Remember This

Eight movies I have watched eight times:

1) Steel Magnolias
2) The Sandlot
3) Rad
4) Remember Me
5) Napoleon Dynamite
6) Instructional Shooting, Hunting by Rick Welch
7) Ride on
8) Dragonfly

3,6,7 thanks to my husband!

I am suppose to now tag eight people to continue this little game.. If only eight people looked at my blog I would be able to complete this part of my task... Oh well! I guess anyone who would like can go for it.


Wendi said...

Love your list.
I say "Holy Crap" a lot too.
And I have three kids.
I. must. work. on. that.
I am so sorry about that #6 movie.
And you watched it more than 8 times.
Shoot. ME. now!

Anonymous said...

Just curious about your books, what is Water for Elephants and Playing for Pizza? Sounds interesting! And the hunting movie? Wow, you are a dedicated wife to sit through that! My hubby is a hunter, but I just get up and walk away, or bury myself in a book (prechildren) or play w/the kids! You deserve a medal!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the book ideas! I love to read, but get very little time to. I'll have to check it out! And the hunting're really not missing out on much! By the way, my hubby is a bowhunter. :)Although, his bows are in cases in the closet. No way is he going to display them in my room! You really are a good wife!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this. I love you and I love learning things about you even if it's on the internet. Aunt Sue or Annonymous