Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Saftey first

Protecting our noggins is high priority around here. I have given many reasons/speeches on the importance of wearing a helmet in times of need.

My husband has taken this to a new level. (if only he would learn what "times of need" means):

(wearing helmet while playing video games)

(not wearing a helmet while practicing wheelies)

Just a few other random shots: enjoy!


Becky Boo said...

Isn't he getting a college degree?? This seems like something he would be capable of figuring out. :)

Reed's Rat Race said...

"You got a helmet?"
"Oh, I got a helmet. I got a beauty!"

Cara said...

Ooooh, extreme video-gaming!

Wendi said...

Well, atleast he is "safe" while gaming!
Your photos are amazing!
I want lessons.....

Ashley said...

hahahah!!! these pictures are great!!~