Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Over the Holidays

This year we traveled south for the Holidays. We were welcomed by family and were able to have a fun, relaxing and memorable '08 Christmas. Here is a view of our Christmas!

the kids

Dirt Cheap their Christmas items were 95% off!!

I think I like sales way too much

Ginger Bread Houses (Thanks Angela!)

keeping an eye on the candy

Christmas Eve

Grandma Browne
Baking Cookies

Santa and Reindeer food

Our letter to St. Nick

Funnies from the kids:
Reflection of Christmas Tree lights on the window
In a child's mind: Frozen lightning bugs

While her dad was tucking her in she said:
"Dad I want to kiss that man you were working with!"
(that man was her Uncle Scott)

Wood Working

many projects were completed over our vacation

Noxubee Refuge


Olympic Park in Atlanta GA

this was a stop on the way home

Thanks for a great and relaxing Christmas!!


Ivy said...

Beautiful pics! Are you hiring out yet? :)

Reed's Rat Race said...

We miss y'all already!

And nice pictures Kimberly.

Lisa said...

I love looking at your pictures!

Susy said...

Kim your photography skills are truly amazing- you need to enter some of your photos in a contest!! Also Scott needs to burn that NC State sweatshirt and buy an ECU one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PIRATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We miss you- come visit!

Kate said...

Amazing pictures, as always!