Monday, March 2, 2009


Mr. Reed and I have hit our two year mark.
To put in all in a nutshell these two years have been pretty awesome.
Mr. Reed has been extremely busy with school.
Our time together is normally in passing.
Neither of us has mentioned our anniversary.
He's not going to remember that it's Monday.
Friday night the subject came up.
I teased about him not remembering.
He knows the date, but days for him are all jumbled together.
This morning he stopped me and kissed me.
Next were these words: " Happy Anniversary"
My expression gave it away:
Guess who completely lost track and had already forgotten!

Thanks to my mother and father in law for sending us a card and not forgetting and also, were I did most of my planning on-line. They sent me an email saying Wow! It's been two years since we've planned your dream wedding along with a free subscription to the Bump (baby) magazine they publish. Thanks for the hint but it will be a few more years!!


Cara said...

awwwe...happy anniversary babe!!

Kate said...

Oh my gosh - that magazine subscription is a riot!!

Happy anniversary!

Becky Bean said...

happy anniversary!! He may not know the names of all his nieces and nephews but at least he remembered this, right?? :)