Saturday, July 11, 2009

I haven't forgotten...

that I have a blog.
Yes, it has been a while.
I've been busy.
I know I don't have a job
But once the word gets out
That you are "free".
You are put to work.

So now that I have moment I will share some photos/stories.

About a week ago my dad comes home from work and finds a lady pulled up in our driveway. She steps out and hands him a kitten. "I thought this might be your kitten, he was about to get run over so I brought him up here." Well my dad took the kitten (which by the way was not ours) his eyes were matted and he looked very malnourished. So we cleaned him up and fed him and now he is ours. We have not decided on a name but here are some photos.

sorry so fuzzy he moves fast!

Last week I had the privilege of traveling to the beach for a couple of days. While walking on the pier, with camera in hand, I spotted two pelicans that were perched on a bench. I took some shots and then heard one of the fisherman say, "you want a good shot"? Heck yes!! So to my surprise he pulled out a fish and asked if I was ready. He threw the fish in the air and the pelicans went for it. I thanked him for his kindness and was smiling from ear to ear with the picture I was able to capture.

He swallowed it whole!

Just a few more from the beach!

Cousin Laylah


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I've been wondering about you!! We look so forward to summer break, but really its just that much more stuff to fit into your time! Loved the pics!!

Lisa said...

I love the pelican pictures!

Catherine said...

Great pics, Kim. That was nice of the fisherman to give up a fish too. Glad you didn't fall off the earth...blogging can be bothersome sometimes! But not to worry, it will still be there when you decide to return.

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful photographer! I notice you have a lot of photos of the most beautiful child I have ever seen (Laylah). Is she a child model? If not she should be.
I bet she looks a lot like her grandma.
Love you, Aunt Sue AKA Laylah's grandma