Friday, April 2, 2010


Yes it is April 2.
And no, I have not even started my garden.
Sad, I know. Grass is my nemesis.
After two years of having a garden in the same spot
One would think that the area would look some what like a garden.
You know the look, dirt, no grass, an outline of the previous garden.
Nope. Not Mine. or Mines. (as spoken in the schools)
It looks like this.

Yep. All grass. Nothing but grass.
I wanted it to be organic. Too late for that wish.
I have now made friends with this

and this

And soon it will look like this

But for now I will grow my seeds here

and pray that they grow even if I am slightly late.


Lisa said...

Round up isn't so bad. Just think, you're helping Paul's company (Monsanto) when you buy it. :)

Becky Bean said...

I'm just impressed that y'all are doing a garden! And such a huge one!