Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trashy letter and a New Look

Dear those of you who think my yard is a trash can,

Well just to set the record straight it's not! I understand that my yard/house will not be featured in either the Parade of Homes or Better Homes and Gardens. But I would appreciate a little help in keeping it look as neat as possible. Today I picked up a McDonald's bag, several used napkins, slim-jim wrapper, very chewed on straw, and a can. Needless to say just yesterday I mowed my front lawn and none of this was there. So please in all decency stop littering my yard.


Un-paid trash picker upper

Now on to some much cleaner news...

Have you looked at my blog lately?

If not you should.

It received a makeover.

I went here

And won a blog makeover from here

I was shocked (cause I never win anything) and very excited.

I love how it turned out!

So if you want to have a makeover for your blog you should visit Shay

She will hook you up..

Thanks ladies!!


Catherine said...

Kim!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! This is so adorable! Congratulations on your win!

Also I am sad about your lawn. Maybe you should get a sign or a scarecrow (for trash). Hahaha...I crack myself up!

Lisa said...

Very cool blog make-over!

Anonymous said...

I only litter in nice looking yards because I know those folks will clean it up (that way I don't consider myself to be littering). So in a crazy way consider it a compliment that they trashed your yard. Aunt Sue