Monday, March 7, 2011

Wait for it!

During my 8th month of pregnancy I filled out papers for my maternity leave. I was so sure that I would probably go later than my due date, being a first time mom and all. I set the date to be the week after my due date and if there was still no baby I would continue to work. I really want to stay home as long as possible with her before I have to return back to work. Everyone would say you don't have long until your due date and I would reply I want to go later than my due date. This kind of shocked people because most times people would like to go on time if not early.

I am eating my words right about now. Every since I hit the count down of around 15 days left, I felt this overwhelming desire to have her here. I am not uncomfortable, so I could really do this longer, but my anxiousness of meeting her, holding her and seeing how she will look is tearing me down. All in due time!!

I am very grateful I have a job that keeps me busy!!

10 more days to go!!


Becky Bean said...

Hang in there, girl! We are getting very excited over here! Can't wait to see that little face either, but it will be so soon!

Lisa said...

I was like that too - at the beginning of every pregnancy, I would say to myself I don't want the baby to come early. But then I always changed my mind.