Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas and a New Year!

We (Mr. Reed, Little R, myself and my parents) ventured up to the state of Pennsylvania. We were looking for some snow, and a cabin with a fireplace. We got each of those things just in a different kind of way. The snow was man-made while we experienced tubing for the first time. And the cabin was a time share "tree house" with a fireplace only for burning fake logs. The vacation turned out to be a lot of fun, good amount of relaxing, some game playing and movie watching.

New Years was celebrated in our dreams! We started off the new year with organizing and re-arranging our apartment. Now that we have a mobile little girl we had to move things up high. I have a few goals for the year and have decided that I will make them short term goals to be sure to stay on top of them! Let's see if it really works! Pictures to come soon... :) Happy New Year!!

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Lisa said...

happy new year! i've missed you on the blog. :)