Friday, September 21, 2012


 Rossi and I had the privilege of traveling with my parents for a week.  Our destination was Maine  on the way up and coming home we  took advantage of  stopping  along the way to enjoy the other states we passed through.  So here is a long post with photos of our trip...

This little fellow wanted to join our picnic.

Enjoying being out of the car!

She's not spoiled at all! :)

New Castle, Delaware

Carlo's Bakery from TLC "Cake Boss"

We just ordered some sweets YEAH!

View of NYC across the Hudson

Orange, CT  PEZ Visitor Center

Portsmouth, NH

"Eartha"  : Yarmouth, ME

Freeport, ME

Bailey's Island, ME

First stop for Lobster!

Cabbage patch doll tagging along to pick apples!

Rossi's favorite thing about apple picking, digging in the sand. :)

Portland Head Lighthouse, South Portland, ME

Love this face!

Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, ME

Coast Line of Kennebunkport

George & Barbara Bush's House

And the MAINE Reason for the trip..... LOBSTER!!

Dreams really do come true :)

Lobster Roll... SO YUMMY!!

Hershey, PA

Showing off their dance moves!

Amish County, Lancaster PA

Funny story:  She was not a fan of the goat but wanted to go back to the car and get a book. She stood a safe distance away and "read" to the goat.  So funny!!

What a beautiful sight!!

A walk along the National Mall

We had a great time and created lots of memories. 


Becky Bean said...

That looks like so much fun! You made me want to visit Maine. I LOVE that picture of Rossi with the column of pez. Hilarious! She is SO gorgeous!! Love you guys!

Katie Lila said...

Thanks for sharing the trip, it all looks fantastic and serene. I'll keep it on my bucket list for sure! The apple picking made me think of Pumpkin patching last yr. So fun, we miss you:)