Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hey, I have a great idea! On Monday lets go fishing. (in my mind, we get the poles, go down to the creek only about 3 miles away and catch some fish)

Reality: find fishing poles that actually work, buy crickets, buy fishing licenses, find something to keep them in, and chairs to sit in. After spending an hour taking care of all the essentials it is finally time to leave.

We have plans for a cookout in 2 hours, so our time is a little bit limited. We pack the car (Scott's Honda civic, named Seabiscuit) and head to the creek or crick (which ever part of Greene County you live in.) The path leads us down to the water and the farther you continue on the better the fishing spots. I speak up "let's keep driving down here". So on we go with a car not made for rough terrain. The path has some ruts but good ole Sea-biscuit perseveres.

...Until we get to this one spot where I don't think we are going to make it, Scott, on the other hand, has all confidence that we can clear it. Well again Scott's right we cleared it, with a big thump. I thought well we just flattened our tire. I stick my head out for the check and I give the all clear signal. No damage! We find a nice place to park and start unpacking. All of a sudden I hear "Oh, NO!" First thought; snake!! Nope, I look from behind the trunk and see Scott in a bit of shock looking at the passenger side of this car. My all clear, no damage signal was not the most accurate. Here is what I saw.....

After investigating we found that a very well hidden stump did the damage.

Bummed by the accident we carried out our trip, though it seemed to continue down hill from there. We never found a good spot to fish, there wasn't going to be fish for dinner, and then I saw him slimy, and long. I freaked out, I hate them. FYI: water moccasins are poisonous, glad my husband decided it was time to close up camp.

Feel free to make a donation to the
Seabiscuit Restoration and General Health Fund

(visa and mastercard accepted)


Becky said...

Not Seabiscuit! Noooo! I'm glad you at least didn't get bitten by a snake!

Wendi said...

Not a very good fishing story.
I always thought you were suppose to embellish them. (LOL)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I'm laughing......at least it makes a good story! :)

~Leave it to Lyla~ said...

Hi Kimberly!

I found your blog through Ivy's so yeah!! and I am sooo sorry about seabiscuit! the pay pal thing is genius! I think I will put one up for donations to the lylaistiredofbeingbroke.com fund! YES I think I will!!! anyways, have a good day!!!

Cara said...

That's awful! Poor Seabiscuit!