Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Let's Go Fly a Kite.....

Destination: Outer Banks, NC (Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head)

Our first thought for a trip was the mountains then we saw the forecast and changed our minds as posted below at around 9:41 pm. By 2:00 am that same night/morning we finally made it to bed, after finalizing plans, making a kite, and packing.

We did however make Reed history in actually leaving at our projected time!!
WOW! That's amazing!!

A little bit about our trip:

I can't follow directions, or map quest just gave us incorrect directions.. Let's go with computer error. :)

The weather could not have been better!! Absolutely Gorgeous!

FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD!! Between the yummy breakfast and seafood for supper we probably gained 10 pounds. this means more running :(

Camp ground: Can you really call it a camp ground if you are staying in someone' s back yard? No I am serious, several apartments and then a big yard and that's where we stayed. The bath house was nice and we had hot showers, but did I mention the peacocks they raised right
behind the campground/backyard. Right, never expect the peacocks to follow the "quite hours" that were from 10 pm to 8 am. Nope they broke that rule several times. Other than the getto looking "campground" and the obnoxious noisemakers, we slept safe and sound.
And yes this was a recommended campground and they have a brochure! (looks can be deceiving)

Jockey's Ridge: Best for kite flying, huge sand box for a kid,
and a excellent place to hold a picnic.

my husband is the master mind behind this one,
I contributed nothing

a good sand box for big kids too!! :)

We also enjoyed the wright brothers memorial

and the beach..

Sorry the photos are not great, I was scared to keep the camera out way too long in fear of sand or sea salt messing it up..


Wendi said...

Please...the photos are fabulous!
I want photography lessons...NOW!
Glad the trip was nice and the weather cooperated. Sorry about the peacocks.

Ivy said...

Peacocks, at the beach! Ha, sorry but thats funny!

crickett photography said...

This is crickett from crickett photography. thanks for the note you left. you are right- you def need to upgrade the lenses. i shoot nikon so i'm not super familiar with canon lenses. it really depends on what you want to use it for. if you love photographing architecture i'd say get a 12-24mm lenses, child portraits- 50mm, senior portraits 105mm, weddings you'll need something more versatile like a 18-200mm lense. some camera stores let you rent a lense like for a day or so, and that can be really handy in finding what you like. good luck- i enjoyed you beach picts, very cool. As far as cameras- they are all getting better and better. Just make sure to learn how to use it inside and out- thats what makes a good photographer.Don't rely on auto. And i'm certainly still learning how to do all this too!