Friday, May 16, 2008

So where are you going??

Well let's see it is 9:41pm, I left work today at 1:00pm so that we could leave for our weekend getaway. And since I am able to blog and write this we still have not left. Our next projected time is 6:00am..

Three things you can learn from our planning mistakes:

1) Choose a weekend with a clear forecast

2) Pick a destination in advance (not the night before)

3) Choose lodging accommodation's also in advance (to make sure you have a place to stay)

So now I must go and pack, and hope that our adventures will be exciting. I actually kind of like the spontaneity of it all..


Wendi said...

So...where ARE you going?
AND....when will you be back?

I am not sure about the forecast, but the weather here is gorgeous!

Ivy said...

Well, did it work out? Were you able to actually go somewhere? Spontaneous trips usually turn out the best! You have no expectations!