Friday, May 9, 2008

Run, Forrest, Run..

I will admit, I had it coming. I complained a couple of times about sitting around too much. Work, eating, reading, blogging on the computer :)..

So Saturday while we were driving into town Scott says, "lets start running right when you get home from work". So at first I was really excited. "Great" was my first comment and "oh man" was my mental comment. I am just so lazy, tired and mentally exhausted when I get home from work. But I agreed.

Today has been a whole week and we actually completed this week with 100% running attendance. I am so glad to have someone to push me to go a little further or run a little faster.

I have enjoyed it.. my legs they let me know each night after we have run how much they don't like to work that hard. Hopefully we will continue. If it is like all my other goals, this time next week we will be sitting around again..


Wendi said...

So... how is it coming?
I loved this are a funny girl!

NC Tate Fam said...

Edge - You will rock it. We miss seeing you.

Take care.