Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What's new..

Well this is Scott's last week of school for this semester. He will soon begin summer school. I only wished I had a couple of weeks off of work from my "spring" months to my "summer" months. I guess I can keep wishing. We found out a couple of weeks ago that he got accepted to East Carolina University and also into the engineering program. HOORAY!! So our (his) projected finish time will be around the year 2011. Holy cow, that just seems like so far away. Though, it's funny to think back to what you "thought" life would be like for you in your 20's and now being in the moment it's like what in the heck was I thinking. Seriously, I had myself married, educated, kids and a house, by like the age of 23. Well I am 25 now, married, no house, no kids and have not been fully educated. Thank goodness for my parents to house us, and for my husband for edumicating himself.. :)


Wendi said...

"edumicating"...I have not heard that word in a while!
I am so glad you stopped by my silly ole blog.
I miss seeing you...please come visit!
Who is taking these great photos?
You or Scott?
I want lessons!
What kind of camera are you using?
I am trying to upgrade and can't decide between the Nikon or the Canon SLR.

Susie said...

So, tell me friend.....you are working to do photography professiong, correct?! You really are amazing at it. I'd hire you!

Miss you tons and tons!