Monday, September 8, 2008

My better half...

A little about my husband...

who thinks that:

You're never to old to be a kid.

Soccer should be the only sport.

Motorcycles the only transportation.

Rules are made to be broken.

Risks should be taken everyday.

A little sacrifice is good every now and then.

And that we should skip his 27th birthday this year.


I could not help myself.

So here's to my awesome husband. Who makes me feel like a queen, and who helps me stay young at heart and laugh through life.



Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Scott! Kim, there are some days (more often than not) that I am just in love with my husband too. Love that you love him!!!

The Hunts = 2 humans + 3 dogs + 1 cat said...

Happy Birthday to one half of the original Number Two's. Keep on Rockin in the free world, Wild Man.

Susy said...

YAH!!!!!!!! We love you guys!!! Happy Birthday Old Man...oh wait, he's younger that both of us:)
Thanks again for coming out- I seriously need to hire you to take ALL Lily's photos- you are amazing! Also I could kill myself for not getting a photo in front of the temple of you, Scott, me, Todd, and Lily!!! Next time we are doing a group photo!! We love you and miss you already!!!

Anonymous said... yeah, I didn't send you anything for your birthday. But I did call! I suck at being a brother sometimes. Kim, don't ever expect Jik to actually grow up, 'cuz it won't ever happen.

Wendi said...

Happy Belated Birthday Scott!!!