Thursday, September 25, 2008

Turn the TV on!!

I never know what's going on..

Weather, News, etc....

Couldn't tell you much about it.

Don't worry.

I get well informed at work.

They speak of TV shows.

They ask, "Did you watch a certain show last night?"

Nope.. I reply..

But I do watch.

This one show.

Their reply.

Never heard of it.

I never can discuss the previous shows.

Or my hopes for the next episode.

Still I watch it.

While it is not showing..

I watch season after season. Over and Over.

Well, at last the wait is over. No more reruns.

It's time for the real deal.

Tonight 9pm NBC "The Office".

If you have never watched it.

Tune in.

Then go out and rent the last 4 seasons.

Warning. May cause extreme laughter.


Wendi said...

I have got to do this.
Everyone says that it is truly the best show out there.
I don't watch tv.
I. blog.
Pathetic...I know!

Becky Boo said...

I can't believe there are people who've never heard of it! I thoroughly enjoyed the premier. Yay!!

Susy said...

how hilarious was the season premier!!!!!!!!!!!! I love THE OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Tobey breaking his neck, the proposal, Holly finding out Kevin is not retarded, kelly swallowing a fake tapeworm, Michael tearing up the concert tickets...need I go on????!!!! I love love love THE OFFICE (that's what she said)

Reed's Rat Race said...

The Office...good stuff...almost as good as Heroes. (Oops, I let the Nerd side come out just then didn't I?)