Monday, September 29, 2008


It's here to stay, at least I hope for a little while.
It has a smell. Fresh. Breezy. Non- humidity smell.
And a look. Warm colors. Mums. Pumpkins.

I love it's holidays.

Candy. Dressing up. Knocking on doors.
You might be thinking.
Does she still Trick or Treat?
The Answer. Of course, we do.
My husband and I both.
*stay tuned to view upcoming post of our past Halloweens*

Turkey. Dressing. Macy's parade. Breaking bread.

Ahh.. the joys of a new season...


Lisa said...

Mmmmm. I love the change in seasons too. The cooler air gets me excited for Halloween. I'm excited to see what you are dressing up as.

Reed's Rat Race said...

Your pictures are tres cool.

To me, fall is ideal riding weather...and I've been missing out on it thanks to my stupid neck. Grrr.