Monday, October 6, 2008


Here is a bit of an update on the "lot".

This building has seen better days. It was time for it to go..
The man power behind it all..
This past weekend we went out to help continue the clearing process. We had a little fun also!

These piles will soon be burnt and the building can begin..


Jennica said...

Congrats on your forth coming home!!! That is so exciting. =) I love our house and the fact that we got to see it being built right before our eyes.

Becky Boo said...

please, please, please tell me that you will burn that giant pile of wood at night, wearing indian costumes and beating drums. and dancing.

Becky Boo said...

I would love to...can you get me a measurement of his feet? :)

Susy said...

you guys are hilarious! I love that "Tarzan" is about to jump in poison ivy!!! I am happy for you that some progress is being made on the house:)

Cara said... fun is that old shed, I fell like I need my tetanus updated from just looking at it!

Lisa said...

Oh wow! I didn't know you guys were building! How exciting. Post lots of pictures of the process please!