Sunday, October 12, 2008


1) Often I pass by this garden of sunflowers and have wanted to take some photos. Today, with the help of my grandma and a phone call it was made possible.

2) For the first 15 years of my life I grew up across the road from a corn mill. For the majority of my life it was a working business. Some years ago they stopped and the huge gray silos stayed around. Since Mr. Reed and I have moved back into town they have begun tearing these large metal buildings down. While walking home today I thought I would snap a few shots for memories.

electrical building

Breaking the Rules


Anonymous said...

your photography never ceases to amaze me!! Those are beautiful pictures and like you said they are part of your childhood to of course you would want to memorialize them:)

After I posted those photos of Lily in the bath at 1 week and 11 weeks I got severely depressed at how fast my sweet baby is growing!!!!!! Oh well- she's cute big or small!!

Anonymous said...

You are a picture perfect photographer. Just yesterday I looked at those beautiful sunflowers and wanted Laylah to see them.
The old buildings take me back to my child hood also, of course a lot of these were put up after I left home. Aunt Sue

Anonymous said...

you have been "tagged"
See my blog for more details...

Lisa said...

those are good photos! I'm impressed.

Ashley said...

Wow...these picture are AMAZING!!~