Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Asheboro ZOO

Mr. Reed and I got the opportunity to spend the day at the NC Zoo. Here is a view of our trip!

I think he could use a manicure!

Not one of my favorites!

The red rubber "thingy" is used in training.
They have to touch their noses to it and each time they do they get a treat.

Seals and Sea Lions

I love giraffes!!

Mr. Reed took this shot!

May was the month for orchids. They had several different ones placed around the park.

A little rain shower while we were eating lunch.

Note on red bottoms: on these female monkeys if the bottoms are bright red and swollen it
means she's ready to mate. Sure am glad this does not happen to all females! :)

Cooling themselves off with a little mud!

We enjoyed our day trip and the exercise we got while learning about and watching the animals.


Becky Bean said...

Those are great animal shots! I've never ever gotten zoo pictures to turn out that great. I'm glad you guys got to have some fun!

Lisa said...

what beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! I've never been to the NC zoo, I want to go!!! :)

Cara K said...

fab pics!
Brian and Cheri took my Eden there on Tuesday...CRAZY! you guys were all there together!!

Reed's Rat Race said...

I'm disappointed. Y'all went to the zoo and not one picture of any animals gettin freaky! Otherwise, great shots all around.

Catherine said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time. You really captured the pretty parts of the zoo. Glad your camera can't capture the smell!! Pee-you!