Monday, May 31, 2010

Part 1: Memorial Weekend Camping

About a month ago I mentioned a camping trip.
We would go over Memorial Day weekend.
And we would be spontaneous. No

1:00 pm

Everyone home from work.

2:00 pm
Running around trying to find all of our camping equipment.

3:00 pm

Finally on the road to a camp ground we picked on line.
(no reservations)

6:00 pm
Somewhere between home and the Virgina state line
I thought I might give the camp ground a call.

6:05 pm
No Vacancy
No worries, call other campgrounds, and keep driving towards Virgina.

7:15 pm
Finally found a campground with vacancy
Park Ranger (sweet little lady) said we could get to her in 30 mins.

7:50 pm
Sweet little lady's directions were a bit off and we have now called her twice

8:00 pm
Finally pulled into the camp grounds
Found a nice spot right on the river and unload all of our gear.

I am not sure why, but we love to put up our tent, cook dinner, and then eat all in the dark.

We finally had our delicious steaks at 12:00 am in the morning.

So, now down for a good night's rest with full bellies we found ourselves a bit on the chilly side. In our rush to leave we forgot the sleeping bags. So we snuggled up and piled our clothes on top of us.

Stay tuned for more of our spontaneous camping adventure!!

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The Mrs. said...

Oh I hope it ends better than ours did ;)