Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Part 2: Memorial Weekend Camping

Needless to say our good nights rest turned into a night of trying our hardest to stay warm. But we made through and woke up to a beautiful sunny day.

Facts about this campground:
  • no showers
  • nothing to do in the area
Mr. Reed and I decided that we would look for another campground more north with showers and a few more attractions. The sweet little lady informed us that she had a spot open for the next two nights if we wanted them, we would just have to move our things from one site to another. We said we would come back after looking around the area and let her know.

After a couple of hours of calling other parks we found ourselves checking out a tepee to stay the night in. This place had showers and tubing down the river.

We called around 11:30 am and said we were heading over to check it out. According to the brochure we were 15 mins away. It also told us to take exit 28. Well 45 mins. later and no exit 28 we again found ourselves lost and pulling into the BP to get directions.

Saturday we figured was National Yard/Garage Sale. I am sure we passed at-least 10 different yard sales. We did finally stop at one that was near a gas station and lets just say it was items saved from the 1980's era.

We found the camp ground and checked out the tepee. It was quit small and extremely hot. They don't breath well. The owner came over and asked what he could do for us and explained that from the time we called until now the tepee had been taken. Although, the showers could be used for a low price of $5.00 a person. A river bath was sounding really good about that time.

1:00 pm
Head back to our campsite and let the sweet little lady know that we will take site 4 for the rest of the weekend. She kindly explains that while we were out someone came and took that spot for the rest of the weekend. WHAT!?!?!

Oh no! Our spontaneous trip has now become not so fun. We are doing nothing but driving around and now have NO place to sleep.

Check out time is 3:00pm so we had some time to get our things together, or so we thought.
The new campers of site 3 were already standing with their gear waiting for us to get our things cleared up and out.

Cleared out of site 3 in about 30 mins and headed south down the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Here are some photos we took from the first camp ground:

More to come!


The Mrs. said...

Oh no!
I sense this isn't ending well...

The Hunts = 2 humans + 3 dogs + 1 cat said...

As always, amazing photographs!