Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Part 3: Memorial Weekend Camping

This story does come to an end... I promise!

I love, love, love the Blue Ridge Parkway.

And now I love it even more because we were able to find a campground that had open sites.
And not just for one night, but for the next two nights of our trip.

Though there were no showers.
We again had to travel
7 miles and $3 per person
But to our surprise we were invited to a Potluck.

That's right we ate for free and it was actually tasty.

So the $6 shower cost was well spent. :)

Now back to the tent to get some shut eye. Oh and we picked up a few throws to keep us warm.
Well we thought they would keep us warm.
Again in the middle of the night we were really cold. I remembered in my sleepy state of mind that we have an emergency blanket in our camping gear.

Now for most of you that may or may not know what this emergency blanket is like to sleep with.
Just take several sheets of aluminum foil tonight and use them as a blanket.

Yes, you will be warm but you will also wake up the family in the house next to you!!

Sunday was another beautiful day and led us to a strenuous hike.

I think they had a misprint and meant to write hardest hike you will probably ever do!!

It was 2.8 miles one way and basically all down hill and then coming back all up hill. We got a good work out!!

We were able to view some sights around the area and intended to go tubing down the river, but the stormy weather had a different plan. We did enjoy the rest of the weekend with relaxing at our camp site and viewing the mountains.

Next time I will chose to be spontaneous on a less busy weekend!!

I told you it would end!! (for all those who actually read all the way to here)


This sums up our trip! :)


Chelsey Wilson said...

Funny! I actually loled-which i rarely do when reading. I would love to meet y'all somewhere sometime halfway and camp! I wanna go camping!yall are just so awesome! i love how adventurous you two are and yall can just go with the flow. props.

The Mrs. said...

This is one of those trips that will have you rolling with laughter every time you retell it.
Happy memories!

Reed's Rat Race said...

The Water Moccassssssssssssssssssin picture is full of awesome. And just remember, its not an adventure until something goes wrong.