Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall 2012

To keep up our tradition from last year we visited Wood's Orchard for Rossi to pick a "baby" pumpkin.   We enjoyed the nice weather, but sure missed the company that we had last year! :(    After touching just about every pumpkin she found the perfect one which now sits proudly on our porch. 
Found the pumpkin

Digging it out


Got it mom!

Carrying it to the wagon.

Rossi was the only one that wanted to ride with the pumpkins back to the car.

 This past weekend was a first for Rossi, we traveled north to go camping.  The weather was lovely during the day and freezing a bit chilly at night.  She loved the freedom of never having to go in doors, and enjoyed eating marshmallows, rocks, leaves, acorns, and hobo dinners.  All in all it was a great time and we hope to enjoy many more camping trips in the future.

And she is off exploring, just moments after getting out of the car.

Showing me her loot..  Rocks and Acorns galore!!

Blowing a dandelion

She loved the balanced beams fallen trees to walk across.
A new found love Marshmallows!!
Off to roast her first Marshmallow
And she tosses it in the fire.  :)

A snap-shot while waiting for daddy.   (to all the Reed's do you think she looks like Izzy here)??  


Chelsey Wilson said...

A little! I do know she looks so precious and adorable! Thank you for the sweet card and pic!

Katie Lila said...

Hi Rossi, way to rough-it! All those "minerals" you enjoyed with your food will surely be good for you:)

Katie Lila said...

Thanks for missing us, right back at ya! Rossi has become quite the pumpkin expert in her short life. So great to talk the other day and get all caught up!