Thursday, November 1, 2012


Epsom Salt

Ziploc bags.

Food Coloring... Rossi wanted green.

Squish it all together.

Prep pumpkin with some glue and water

Sprinkle on salt

 This took the place of carving a pumpkin this year. Rossi seemed to enjoy the opportunity to get her hands messy and be able to do this project with little help from her parents. :)


There was a tiger prowling our neighborhood last night.  She was mighty cute and tried her best to say "Trick or Treat".    This tiger enjoyed Halloween and made sure to say "Thank you" after receiving candy.  She proudly carried a piece of candy in each hand the whole night. When the temptation was too much, and the wait too long, (before arriving back home) she ate the tootsie roll and paper that she had warmed up over the course of the night.   Here are a couple of photos we took upon leaving the house. 
Ready to get some candy!

Tiger Face

We hope everyone is enjoying their treats!!

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Catherine said...

so adorable!! can't believe how much she's grown :)