Thursday, March 14, 2013

The happenings and a birthday....

Time has flown by since January. I am sure that February came, but it went by so fast that I think I missed most of it!!  Here are some photos from last month...
Eating snow
Not too long after the snow we had spring weather, this is our neighbors cat and they are good buddies!
Sliding on the icy road in front of our house

On the first weekend in March we celebrated Rossi's 2nd Birthday.  A little early but she did not seem to mind.  It was low key and pretty simple. I did have tons of help and was so grateful for all the hands involved.   Rossi was so happy she was having a party; and a Curious George one at that.  

Look who's 2!!

Rossi decorated the cupcake toppers!

Make a wish! :)

Yummy Food!

The food had signs that represented all the characters from Curious George

The cat joined the party.
Our happy little family.

Thank you for coming suckers.
Rossi is enjoying her sucker after the festivities.

Today 2 years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, who we knew right from the start was filled with lots of personality. It has been so fun and a bit challenging watching and teaching that large spirit of hers, but we think she is just wonderful!   Here are some of her highlights and things she enjoys at the age of two....

~ running all the time
~ speaking (we get new words each day)
~ dressing herself (this just came about a couple of days ago)
~ climbing (she even likes to move furniture around the house to accommodate her climbing up    higher)
~ talking on the phone and working a smart phone correctly
~ bathtub with bubbles (she likes lots of water and calls it her pool)
~ curious george
~ dancing and singing (she loves to sing her ABC's she is getting some of them down!)
~ food (she is a really good eater, especially if she can get it off of someones plate other than her own)
~ cats and dogs
~ park (she loves to climb up and go down the slide herself)
~ playing pretend (tea parties, office, kitchen, and dress up)
~ washing dishes
~ snow 
~ cooking
Rossi refers to herself as "ME" and has become quite independent. So now we hear a lot of "No, Me" and "back" as she wants us to stand back and let her handle things.   She is so sweet giving hugs and kisses all the time.  She is full of life and never ever wants to sleep, though after time her little body gives in (thankfully)!  She has a lot of both Scott and I in her.  She is kinda of goofy like me and shy just like her dad.  We love her more than she probably knows, but try to remind her each day how awesome she is.  

"Pool of bubbles"

Sink bath

Dress up time

A couple of weeks before her party I did a small photo shoot of Rossi.  I felt like at the end someone she have paid me.  It was hard work and very busy!  I think we got some good candid shots. 



I noticed Rossi likes to keep her mouth open when she gets her picture taken, I wonder who she gets that from..... :)

 Here I am in Jan. 1984, 7 months until I would have turned 2.  Here is Rossi the end of Feb. 2013, 3 weeks until her 2 birthday.   

Happy Birthday Tiny Hiney!!


Becky Bean said...

Oh my gosh, you two look so alike! Those last few pictures are amazing! And that party looked so wonderful! You are quite the hostess! Nothing abt that looked low key to me! You are so talented!

Katie Lila said...

Two "peas in a pod"! How fun that you look so much alike. Nice job on the photo shoot, that's hilarious and so great! I love your version of simple... Darling, is what I'd call it. I want you to keep this numbered shirt thing going until she's 30!

Aunt Sue said...

What great love and joy Rossi has brought into our lives. She has amazing parents and grandparents. Great party! Selfishly I would like to be with her more but am so thankful for the special times we've had.
The last 4 pictures are awesome. Know that how you feel about Rossi is how your parents felt about you and still do!

Lisa said...

Wow. you can certainly see the resemblance!