Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter 2013

Pretending to be "Mr. Potato Head"

Easter Egg Hunt

Looking for some treasures!

Got It!

Full bucket

Rossi chose the sidewalk chalk bucket to hold her eggs.  :)

Now time to get messy!

Dying Eggs

Writing a secret message

She was drop them in so that it would make a splash!

Beautiful eggs

Being silly


What a doll!

She is growing way too fast!


Rossi dropped a bottle of cooking spray on her toe :(. This is what it looked like right after it happened.
The was the next day, it had so much pressure.  Poor kid!  Right after this photo,  she hit it on something soft and it exploded released the pressure. She felt much better after it happened and now has a half on, half off toe nail.  She has been such a trooper!!


Katie said...

Poor toesie! She is looking so grown up!

Catherine Plautz said...

She is a mini you, Kim!!!

Becky Bean said...

She is so beautiful. And that poor toe!! At first I was wondering why you had painted it blue...feel better soon Baby Girl!!