Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Being a mom

I have loved being a mom, even from the moment I saw the double lines on the pregnancy test.  It has been the most challenging, frustrating, and hardest working "job" I have ever had.  But with all that said, it's the best, most rewarding, most fun, and most exciting "job" I will ever have.  The other night I was able to shoot these photos.  In them you will see my naked little girl (her favorite way to live), with long hair that falls well below her eyes (because wearing a bow in the house is no fun),  playing with her backpack (that she keeps easy mac packs in) and her purse (which carries all her important papers) and has her dad's complete attention (which she is loving 100%) .   This is the life I enjoy living.    This is why I love so much being a mom.  An early Happy Mothers Day to all who help love and nurture a child. 


Aunt Sue said...

Kimberly, I love you and I think you are really an ideal mother. I love Scott and that special look on his face when he's looking at precious Rossi.
Of course, Rossi is just the icing on the cake!
Happy Mothers Day
Aunt Sue

Katie Lila said...

Well said my friend! I love how the purse just covers the essentials in that last shot, Bahhaha. I love that cute kiddo! I see boxes in the back ground. When do you move?