Thursday, June 13, 2013

27 months and Growing...

It is funny how you live your life in weeks, then months, up until the age of 2 and then by years.   Rossi just had her 2 yr. check up this past week, but since I always wait a couple of months after the schedule checkup she had her "27 month" check up.   Since December our little turbo has gained 2 pounds and grew 2 inches.  Which puts her now at 23 pounds and 34 1/2  inches tall.    She seems to be growing and developing right on target.  She does have a shy personality around people at first, which the doctor quickly found out. She had asked Rossi to say a couple of words that we knew she could say so she could hear her speak.  Rossi was adament that she was not going to talk, not even for a kitty cat sticker.   The doctor got her wish though, as she was packing up and telling Rossi that she was about to leave, Rossi blurted out "Thank you" and "Bye".   I guess she is not very fond of doctors. :)   

Facts about Rossi:

 - watching curious george
 - racing other people
 - anything with wheels, can't figure out why ;)
 - Books and will finish the sentence sometimes before you do.
 - pretend work and playing store
 -  talking on the phone
 -  being naked
 - painting

 -  any kind of bug in or on our house, car or her toys
 -  loud noises

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Lisa said...

love your updates!