Thursday, July 18, 2013

Distance makes the heart grow fonder...

A couple of months ago we anticipated the arrival of a letter from Clemson University letting us know the outcome of our future.

The outcome....

We would be moving to South Carolina and Scott would be going back to school to earn a masters degree in Automotive Engineering.

So we made our plans, found a place to live, and started packing... then we keeping packing right up until the truck arrived.

We said our good-byes to our dear friends in VA and  packed a rental truck to the max. Then head off for our  drive of  7 hours from VA to SC. After arriving we reversed the process and unloading and unpacking all of our stuff.   We had lots of help from both of our parents. (Their help and support can never, ever be repaid in money, but we hope they know how much we appreciate all our parents have done for us.)

After a week in SC we had to go our separate ways for a couple of weeks.  Scott had to return to VA to finish up work and Rossi and I found our way back to NC for a extended visit with my family.

We sure have missed him, but being the great dad and husband that he is, he came for a brief visit to spent the day with us.  We sure are two lucky girls..

We have been getting spoiled with lots of fun things going on with family and friends. I  am sure Rossi will not want to leave. 

Here are a few photos of our stay thus far.... 

The little gardener.. 

The goods

Digging up some dirt

More sand

My beach baby

Learning to swim with her floaties on.

Jumping in all by herself...   This makes me so nervous!

Loving the water

All dressed up to play store.

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Katie Lila said...

You keep wandering through my thoughts these days. It's been a yr since we've seen you and now your on to another grand adventure! Glad your with fam! Rossi is a wonder to behold, she needs to teach Pearce to embrace water...he's more of a toe dangling type;)