Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reunited, birthdays, visitors, and something for the birds...

Before leaving Pa and Mimi's, Pa taught us how to make big bubbles!
Back altogether in SC, we were frequently found at the park,
blowing bubbles,

Going to the train station,
and riding the train.
Rossi picked out her outfit, we were surprised that she kept the hat on the whole time.  It was quite hot that day.
We visited Cherokee, NC for a camping trip, and enjoyed playing in the rain.
Cool fountain you can play in.
Why Scott, you sure have changed a lot. :)

Scott and I both celebrated birthdays over the summer, Rossi enjoyed all the celebrating..  This was for my brother's b-day we made rice krispies.  25 lit candles and a two year old can be a little tricky! :) 
We then were visited by Pa and Mimi

Some photos were taken.

Family photo. 

Rossi making a bird feeder.

Hanging it up.

Just a few inches taller and she would have reached it. 

Beautifully decorated.

Feed the birds...


Got it, just had to stretch a little..

This was a couple of days later and Rossi was just so happy, she had waited patiently for the birds.

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Chelsey Wilson said...

so cute-all of you! I showed the pics to M and J cuz I want them to know their cousin, R. Now J really really wants to make a bird feeder! One more thing to put on my to-do list! It's fun though. :) Thanks for the post!